What are we?

exChange is an Intergenerational 2SLGBTQI+ daring dialogue arts project. Our aim is to bridge the gap between 2SLGBTQI+  youth and the elders who paved the way. This intergenerational exchange through art hopes to create spaces where 2SLGBTQI+  youth can learn the stories of how their freedoms have come to be, and where older folks from the 2SLGBTQI+ can learn  new terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the current evolution of the community. The goal of this initiative is twofold: to establish intergenerational reciprocal relationships through art making, and to document the storytelling of the English-speaking 2SLGBTQI+ communities in Montreal / Tiohtià:ke, which are often stories unheard. The hope is to share the work with the broader community , and have on-going connections between generations, especially when these links are not always present in biological family structures of  2SLGBTQI+ individuals. 

Social benefit goals:

Breaking isolation

Knowledge exchange


Creative outlets

Participatory designed outcomes


New events coming soon!

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